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...maybe I should pick a better spot next time we play hide-and-seek...

30 July 1991
Don't you dare ever tell me that just because you meet a friend through the internet it means that they can't possibly mean as much to you as your friends who you met in person. I don't want to hear "you never really met them" or "how do you know they're not lying?" or "don't get so close until you meet them face to face". That's crap, plain and simple. People are people, whether you meet them through a screen name or a smile, and you can still become just as close to them as anyone else in the world.

Trust me on this, I know . . .
-SomeGuy, http://www.theotaku.com

Er... hi! Somehow, you've stumbled upon me. I love video games, anime, manga, and the internet. My favorite video game of all time is Skies of Arcadia Legends. My favorite anime... I can't really decide. Oh, and I play the violin, I like to write, and I like to draw.
If anyone's curious about my moodtheme, I made it. The little creature is called a Looper. It's a random monster from Skies of Arcadia. Since it's difficult to show emotions with just a mouth, I took my artistic liscence and said that the spiral connected to its mouth is its eye.

And, if you really think I'm interesting...
myOtaku- http://www.myotaku.com/users/timberwolf
DeviantArt- http://silverwolf-chan.deviantart.com

Tales of the Abyss is now out in North America. And it rocks.
Tales of Abyss

Skies of Arcadia is swashbuckler love

Tales of Symphonia is Love

Naruto is Ninja Love

Idiot Seraphim is moronic love